Maria Djomina

Communications Manager AGR

TBG is a flexible professional communications partner, serving as a critical eye and editor of our marketing materials. We have only had very positive experiences working with their team. Our company definitely benefits from TBG’s access to an international network of multilingual linguists and communications professionals.

Ekaterina Pedersen

Tax Manager EY

As an expat working at EY in Norway, I was desperate to find specialised Norwegian training in legal terminology that could help me go to the next level. My main objectives were to become comfortable with business correspondence and preparation of legal documents in Norwegian as well as to improve my conversational skills. TBG proved to be a very unique supplier on the market, which could develop a program based on my needs. I was offered several learning approaches (e.g., on-line, face-to-face, partly distance education), which made it easy for me to combine my training with work. I have been impressed by the high quality of corporate education services combined with the personal approach to each participant. The results of my course have exceeded my expectations and have helped me to significantly increase my skills in a relatively short period of time.

Rune Klevgård

Project Manager FMC Technologies

I had the pleasure of hiring TBG as our language and communications consultants on behalf of FMC Technologies in 2011, as several members on our CDM Global Leadership team required Portuguese lessons for our international projects in Brazil. The training programmes were held between February and June 2011 in Kongsberg Norway. The 48 hours course that we signed up for held was held at a very high standards in regards to structure, creativity and practicality. I had the pleasure of working directly with Wilford Augustus / TBG, as my single point of contact and the customer service and responsiveness of the company was great. I've had very positive experiences working with TBG and can strongly recommend using them as a partner to increase corporate competency levels in language and communications.

Peder Bjerkenås M

Founder Jet Set Group

I worked with TBG to develop my start up in their ‘3 months 2 market’ programme. Although I am based in Northern Norway, and they are in London, I was able to work closely with my primary consultant on a weekly basis, (via video conferencing) who spent a great deal of time firstly getting to understand me and my business objectives with great detail and clarity before starting to work. TBG was later able to deliver my business plan, my brand strategy, my marketing communications materials and my digital strategy - and was able to put me on the path to start seeking venture capital - all within three months. I look forward to working with them again.